Thursday, Oct. 17

6:30 -8 p.m. | Noel United Methodist Church, 520 Herndon St.

Ever wonder what all goes into restoring a historic home?Join us on Oct. 17 for the fall membership meeting as Highland homeowners Austin & Alorah Wiseman share tips of bringing new life to older homes. The meeting will be at 6:30 p.m. at Noel United Methodist Church, 520 Herndon St.

The couple has a few Highland projects in the works, including the Studio House, a 1922 home named for its roots as a dance studio, possibly the first in Shreveport. They have two key focuses when restoring a home. The first is overcoming the objections that might deter home buyers from purchasing an old home such as electrical wiring, plumbing, heating & cooling efficiency and the foundation. 

They also use travel experiences and Pinterest and Instagram to keep up with what’s up and coming in home renovation to add a uniqueness to their projects. The homes they restore are carefully planned and thought out. 

“It’s important to us to take what was old and run down and offer it new life through color, texture and innovative design.” Austin says. “ It is our desire to bring life back to what most deem old and dated. We believe Shreveport is unique and full of life, and our oldest most loved neighborhoods should reflect that.” 

Thursday, Aug. 15

6:30 -8 p.m. | Noel United Methodist Church, 520 Herndon St. 

Concerned about crime in Highland?

Then you won’t want to miss our summer general membership meeting.

Join us for a conversation with Shreveport Police Chief Ben Raymond and Community Liaison Officer Cpl. Jason Cook on neighborhood crime. Chief Raymond and Cpl. Cook will offer insight into area crime statistics and the initiatives SPD has taken to improve the perception of crime in Shreveport.  

A particular focus will be put on reports of gunshots and how SPD handles those reports. 

Thursday, May 16

6:30 -8 p.m. | Noel United Methodist Church, 520 Herndon St. 

Join us at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, May 16 for a panel discussion on reducing blight in Highland. Terrence Green, Shreveport’s interim property standards director, will offer insight into how his department processes complaints and the best way to report a concern.  He’ll be joined by Adam Bailey, community planning and design manager for Shreveport Metropolitan Planning Commission, who will talk about the newly created Historic Overlay Districts and how the added layer of regulation applies to Highland. In addition, Tom Arceneaux, with the Shreveport Implementation and Redevelopment Authority, will join the conversation.

Thursday, January 17

6:30 -8 p.m. | Noel United Methodist Church, 520 Herndon St. 

Architect Christopher Coe will discuss his restoration of the 1934 John S. Preston House, which was designed by noted architect William Wiener Sr.

The meeting also will include the election of 2019 board of directors.

Refreshments from Monjunis will be provided, and the talk is open to the public.